Increase My Home Value

Increase your Home Value with a new Fireplace Mantel

Whether you want to sell your home or live in it for years to come, adding a small element of architectural elegance can totally transform your home.  Separate your home from the others in the neighborhood by changing that dated fireplace wall and adding a stone mantel.  For less than $2500 you can bring positive attention to your home when home buyers are shopping.   It is easy and not expensive.    And if you plan to stay, it will bring much joy to realize that you created your own style that your family now enjoys.

But Don’t just take it from us…

“Home Is Where the Hearth Is

Homes with fireplaces tend to have stronger buyer appeal than those without, due largely to the feelings of warmth and coziness they evoke. In fact, a survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that more than 75 percent of home buyers would like a fireplace in their family room, and the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers has estimated that you can raise the selling price of your home by 6 to 12 percent simply by adding a fireplace. That makes it one of the most valuable home improvements you can make.”

It’s hard to argue the value a fireplace brings to home.  But if your fireplace mantel is out of date, dirty, and doesn’t match your homes style, think of what a facelift will bring to the fireplace experience in your home.

“Adding Value – Upgrade Your Fireplace?

Fire. We sit around fires and have been doing so…forever.  If you have a room with a fireplace, then that fireplace is probably the focal point of the room. If it isn’t, it should be. Furniture and decor are placed in relation to the fireplace and a great-looking fireplace can “make” a great-looking room.  Take a look at your fireplace.  Does it “fit” the room? Have you updated or remodeled the room or decor but did not know what to do about the fireplace? Does it look old and outdated? Ugly? Dark and moody?  Would a home buyer like it?  Sooner or later, that may be an important consideration.”

“Other Good Home Improvements

Making home improvements can be a big undertaking. Larger improvements could include adding a fireplace…”  If you already have a fireplace, renovation is a much less expensive Home Improvement when compared to remodeling kitchens and baths.


Unsure how to go about the process of updating your old fireplace?  Let use help!

  1. We can help you find inspiration
  2. Provide you a step by step process so that all the important appearance and safety elements are addressed
  3. We can work off of photo’s and dimensions provided for your convenience.

See the before/after picture below, which home would you prefer as a buyer?