Outdoor Fireplace Denver

Outdoor Fireplace Denver : Why Have One in the Rockies

Winter in Denver isn’t for the faint of heart or the ill-prepared. It can get blisteringly cold and feet of snow can blanket the ground. Summer evenings are pretty cool too, and there is snow on record in the Mile High City from September to April most years. Weather is just one reason why an outdoor fireplace Denver is a great idea. Here are a few more reasons why it should be your next weekend project. 

Your outdoor fireplace Denver will expand your living space  

Who wants to be cooped up inside all of the time? Pretty much no one and an outdoor fireplace Denver will actually expand your living space a few hundred more square feet, depending on how much space you have available. On really mild nights, you can even open your living room to the outdoors for one, fluid space. Installing an outdoor fireplace will create a great gathering point, entertainment option, and cozy spot that you can enjoy year-round.  

Extend your outdoors season

It’s been known to snow in Denver a lot, usually starting in September and extending at least until April. During those cold, snowy months, most people avoid outdoors unless they’re on skis. But with an outdoor fireplace, there’s no reason to avoid the outdoors when you can cuddle up next to a warm far and extend your outdoors season.  

Your outdoor fireplace Denver will increase your home’s value

An outdoor fireplace is also a smart home renovation project. If the space is functional and really well done, experts estimate that you could realize a 60 percent return on investment when it comes to the value of your home. This isn’t a terribly difficult project either and with a few critical elements, you’ll be on your way to fire time in no time.  

Create ambiance 

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit also creates ambiance in your outdoor space. It’s a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Whether you prefer to curl up with a good book, a tall glass of wine, or great friends, you will enjoy the benefits of this outdoor space more than you expect.


Outdoor Fireplace Safety

On brisk fall nights, there’s almost nothing better than cozying up to a beautiful outdoor fireplace for warmth and relaxation. If you’re considering, or have recently had an outdoor fireplace installed in Denver, you’ll be able to enjoy this unique feature on your property for years to come. You will also be able to relax worry-free as long as you keep in mind just a few tips from the pros. 

What not to burn in your outdoor fireplace

When taking advantage of your outdoor fireplace installed in Denver, it’s important to remember what not to burn. You’ll definitely want to stay away from any treated lumber, any plastic material, particleboard furniture, old magazines, wood that has been painted, poisonous plants, wood that hasn’t been seasoned, and household garbage. One of the main reasons many of these items fall on the do not burn list is because of the chemicals they contain that become toxic when burning- which is harmful to both humans and the environment.  

Keep your outdoor fireplace clean

Just like an indoor fireplace, an outdoor fireplace with a chimney must also be cleaned regularly by an experienced chimney sweep to maintain proper function. You should also regularly remove all the leftover debris and ash from previous fires, and at least once per year, use warm soapy water to clean the interior of the fireplace to remove built-up soot. Keeping your fireplace clean will mean it will continue to burn warm, bright, and with minimal smoke well into the future.  

Keep other flammable items away 

When operating your outdoor fireplace, it’s important to keep flammable items far away from it. The worst thing that could happen would be to have flames and fire move from inside the fireplace where they’re contained, to the exterior of your home where they could cause catastrophic damage in no time flat. Also be sure to keep any trees, greenery, and shrubs growing near the fire pit or fireplace, well-trimmed at least several feet away from the fire.  

Keep water close by

Anytime you’re dealing with fire, an ounce of prevention is the smart way to go. Be sure you always have water or a quick water source on-hand anytime you’re enjoying a fire. In the event the fire takes a menacing turn, you can be quick to react and prevent any major accidents from occurring.

How to Choose an Outdoor Fireplace

Are you thinking about installing an outdoor fireplace in Denver? In the Rocky Mountains, it is important to take advantage of any time we get to spend outdoors, which makes an outdoor fireplace in Denver a wonderful addition to your home. Want to make the best choice? There are several elements to consider in your selection of this unique, fun feature. 


Wood-burning, Propane, or Natural Gas?

Should you install a wood-burning, propane, or natural gas outdoor fireplace in Denver? While the fuel may not seem important, there are several factors to be considered when it comes to types of fireplaces. The first question to ask is: Do you have a natural gas line? If you don’t, chances are you will be installing a wood-burning or propane feature. 

If you do have a gas line, it still may not be your first choice when it comes to installation. Do you see yourself traveling, camping, or vacationing in a way that accommodates a portable outdoor fireplace? You may want to select one that is easy to clean and move rather than a permanent, stationary fireplace that requires connection to a natural gas line.

How do you feel about the crackle of real wood fireplaces? Some people feel like that is the most authentic way to enjoy their cozy fireplace, but others prefer the quick start-up of a gas feature. Depending on where you live, it might not be a matter of personal preference. Many communities and districts have restrictions on wood-burning outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. You could have to get a permit or a fire chief inspection. In other cases, you may have to report your new outdoor firepit to your homeowner’s insurance company. Regardless, always check with local officials before you begin the installation of any outdoor fireplace. And don’t forget; wood-burning fireplaces require a reliable source of wood to burn!


Where Should I Put It?

Most communities have a required radius of 10 feet from any structure. While you should check your community guidelines and consult officials, it is a pretty good idea to install your outdoor fireplace a safe distance from your home, trees, awnings, and other common features found in one’s backyard. Be aware that the type of fuel you select for your fireplace may influence what is considered a safe distance. 

Apart from safety, you will want to select a location that makes sense for daily use. Do you plan on adding the outdoor fireplace to a backyard that is already polished with features like outdoor kitchens, awnings, or water features? Integrating a new outdoor fireplace could be tricky when trying to blend it with existing features.

When you think about using your outdoor fireplace, who do you see? Just you and your spouse enjoying an intimate evening? Maybe the entire family gathering at your home? These questions are important because they will determine how much seating you need around the fireplace and placement. If you have large groups gathering around your fireplace, you will want to make sure it is spread out from other features that may cause people to get cramped up of have their movement impeded. 


What Style Should I Get?

They style of outdoor fireplace you install also requires you to think of who will be gathered around it. Will small children or pets around the fire? You may want to select an outdoor fireplace that is surrounded by a stone barrier or a chiminea that is safer for animals and children to be around. 

When it comes to style for aesthetic reasons, you should consider the existing colors and features of your home. Does it have stonework? Perhaps you have a minimalist, modern home where a sleek outdoor fireplace would be more suitable? Keep in mind that a propane outdoor fireplace will require a tank and could impede the aesthetic of your newly renovated space. 

Don’t be afraid to use the installation of a new outdoor fireplace to set the tone of your backyard. This could be your chance to finally make the style changes you have been wanting! No matter what kind of outdoor fireplace you select, know that it will bring an extra sense of intimacy, comfort, and ambiance to your home.

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