We typically require 4-6 weeks of lead time to manufacture and ship a standard mantle.
Please call us for inquiries on custom mantels, and for the current lead time.

Indoor mantles are made from our own proprietary mix of gypsum cement, and marble aggregate.  It is substantially stronger than most gypsum cements.

Outdoor mantles are made from a new type of fiberglass reinforced cement, cast to imitate travertine marble.

Our mantles typically weigh only 200-500 pounds, and can be installed by a crew of two people in half the time of a carved stone mantel.

Our special gypsum Mix includes as much as 15% recycled byproduct, which adds substantially to its strength.

Our new exterior cement uses ½ the manufacturing energy of regular cement, while developing 1-1/2 to 2 times the compressive strength.  This allows us to develop  stronger lighter products which saves shipping fuel.

Our marble aggregate comes from Marble, Colorado just north of Aspen, about 150 miles from Denver.

Our cement comes from Southard,Oklahoma, 700 miles southeast.

We recycle 75% of our rinse water.

Yes, they are 100% fireproof, with zero contribution to flame spread measured by ASTM standard E136-94A.

Our mantels can be installed by a Mason, a General Carpenter, or even by a homeowner with good DIY knowledge and experience.

Please refer to our Mantel Installation Instructions for guidance

Yes, Cast products were historically difficult to repair, but we developed products for just that situation.  Many small scratches can be sanded away with 80-220 grit sandpaper much like marble.  We always include a repair kit with instructions for minor chips and screw holes, including a blemish hiding compound.  For larger problems we can send a repair professional, or talk you through it.

Most household bathroom or kitchen cleaners work fine.  Avoid oily cleaners meant for wood.  Always test any cleaner on an unobtrusive area first.

See our Mantel Care Guide for further reference.

First identify the stain.

A. Coffee Tea, or various food and drink stains:  Mr. Clean is our first choice for stains. Followed by Bleach (for coffee stains), and finally Bar Keepers friend contains oxalic acid and must be used with caution, but as a last resort.

B. Red wine, Grape juice or acidic red/purple stains.  These are tough, and we highly recommend that you keep these drinks away from your mantle.  Clean up any spills immediately, as these acids can eat into the surface.  Periodically seal your mantel. (see below)

See our Mantel Care Guide for futher guidance.

Never place a potted plant on your hearth or shelf.  In Colorado especially, the acidic soils can leave a ring in the surface.

Yes, it’s a good idea to seal the hearth and top of the shelf especially every few years.  We recommend OKON W-1 or W-2 acrylic-siloxane penetrating sealer, by Zinnser.  After applying the product, test it by sprinkling water on the surface.  If it soaks in, apply a second time, or until the water sits on top. What we like about this product is that it doesn’t affect the surface appearance as much as other sealers we’ve tried, and it’s very effective.

Yes, we can provide fireplaces for customers in Colorado.  We carry all the major brands of fireplaces in styles from traditional to contemporary.  Our team of designers is well versed in selecting fireplaces that will be beautiful, economical, and functional in your space.  We are a one-stop shop for all your fireplace and mantel needs.

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