A Mantel for Maine

As we continue our tour around North America associating Mantel Designs with different natural and architectural elements of a place, today we land in Maine.  My Google image tour of Maine helps me define Maine with a rugged coast line, prehistoric rock formations, cottage architectural style with a touch of colonial flavor.  Difficult to nail down for someone who has not been to Maine to say the least.  Being that the area is a coastal town and a northern latitude, fireplaces must be used frequently and the true value that an appealing Mantel would see it’s full potential.


Our pick for a Mantel that reflects the prehistoric and rugged stone look, functionality of a fireplace, and mantel that would be used frequently, and adds a touch of the colonial ornate.  The Callaway Mantel is a very popular style and is used quite frequently in especially cottage type applications.  Distinctive Mantels designed the Callaway and has been installed in homes for the past 15 years.