How to Choose a Gas Fireplace Insert

As fall and winter approach, and the mercury begins dropping, nothing beats having a fireplace in your living space. Gone are the days of smelly, messy wood burning designs. These days clean-burning gas is king and installing a gas fireplace insert in your space couldn’t be easier. Here’s what to know about choosing an insert. 

What is a gas fireplace insert

If you have an old fireplace in your home, the great news is that you can breathe new life into it with a gas fireplace insert. These inserts are made as a firebox that produces more heat with greater efficiency and can be fitted to practically any space. You’ll get much more warmth and bang for your buck with these inserts. 

What can you burn

Some people love the smell of a wood-burning fire. Others can’t stand it. Wherever you fall on that topic, you can have exactly what you prefer since gas inserts are made to burn clean natural gas, wood, or even wood pellets. You can also choose a ventless option, or have a direct vent installed along with the insert. 

Finishes on gas fireplace inserts

These inserts are made with a variety of different interior design sensibilities in mind. Manufacturers make modern and sleek fireplace components in the event your living space fits that aethstetic. Or, if your space is more traditional and classic, there are inserts on the market to fit that type of design as well. 

How to measure for an insert

You can just call the pros to come into your home and measure the space where you’re considering adding an insert. They can also advise you of all the options on the market and what features will work best in your space. However, if you’re wanting to measure the capacity for an insert to get a better idea of the potential project cost, use a measuring tape to determine the width and height of the opening of the area where you plan to place the insert. You’ll also need to know the depth of the space, and both the width and height of the back of the area where you plan to install the insert.