A Mantel for San Francisco

Fireplace Mantels by Location

At Distinctive Mantels, we strive to develop Mantel Designs that reflect attitudes, natural surroundings, and historical design.  In this light we are beginning a series on Mantel Designs relating our custom designs to popular cities known for their culture and unique design perspective.  We are starting with San Francisco, CA and will provide some background and then our best suited Mantel recommendations.  We would be please for you to vote on which Mantel reflects the culture and traditions of each city.

San Francisco Defined

San Francisco was  originally founded as a Catholic Mission after St. Francis of Assisi in the 1700’s and then established itself as a dominant Coastal City during the Gold Rush of 1849.  Today it is a leading banking and commerce community with much diversity in culture and philosophy. San Francisco is also the second most densely populated in North America providing plenty of opportunity for this diversity to interact.   The most distinct natural features of San Francisco would be the rolling hills that drop into the sea and the potential for violent earth quakes.  Our picks generally rely primarily on natural and cultural visuals as our mantels are very visual.

Our Mantel Pick

The Monterrey is our pick for the Mantel the most closely represents the history, nature, and feel for the City by the Bay.  We felt the the rolling hills and curved posts was a must.  The straight clean lines of the Mantle to reflect the towering Golden Gate Bridge.  The limestone look and color to contrast the green as the “Paris of the West”.  Rooted in simplicity as the Catholic Mission.

Let us know if you agree!