4 Options to Consider for Your Outdoor Fireplace

The cool fall nights and crisp winter evenings make the best use of fireplaces throughout the Denver area. An lovely indoor fireplace is the perfect place to curl up with a good book and warm blanket. An outdoor fireplace adds wonderful ambiance to your outdoor living space. If you’re considering adding one to your outdoor space, here are a few things you’ll want to consider about the project.  

Choose a fuel source for your outdoor fireplace

These days, outdoor fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles. They also burn with a variety of fuels. It’s key to understand the difference so that you can make the right choice for your fireplace. Common fuel types include traditional wood burning, propane or other natural gas, gel-fueled, or electric. A knowledgeable dealer can explain the pros and cons of each type so that you can feel comfortable in your choice.   

Pick a location for your outdoor fireplace

It’s all about location, location, location of your new outdoor fireplace. If you have an existing back patio that makes room for a fireplace, then it might make sense to add it to the outdoor layout. If you’re creating from scratch, a professional that deals with adding outdoor fireplaces can help you to choose the perfect placement for your space.  

Choose a look

There are outdoor fireplaces to match practically any design sensibility. From modern, sleek designs, to traditional hearths, your area fireplace dealer will have a product that you’ll love and that will fit in your aesthetic. For help narrowing down the field, pick up a few home magazines in your neighborhood bookstore and flag any examples that strike your fancy.  

Decide if it will be built-in or an insert

On a very basic level there are two types of outdoor fireplaces, those that look like they could exist inside and are built into a space, and those that stand alone. You’ll need to decide which you prefer and which option your existing space calls for. This decision will guide you when making many of the other choices as the project progresses. 

Options For Your Mantel Surround

Incorporating a new fireplace into your family space, giving a refresh to an existing fireplace, or choosing a mantel surround for your new construction, are all scenarios where you’ll be faced with lots of different products, materials, and options. It’s wise to find a reputable dealer who will patiently show you all the possibilities. If […]

How to Choose a Gas Fireplace Insert

As fall and winter approach, and the mercury begins dropping, nothing beats having a fireplace in your living space. Gone are the days of smelly, messy wood burning designs. These days clean-burning gas is king and installing a gas fireplace insert in your space couldn’t be easier. Here’s what to know about choosing an insert. 

What is a gas fireplace insert

If you have an old fireplace in your home, the great news is that you can breathe new life into it with a gas fireplace insert. These inserts are made as a firebox that produces more heat with greater efficiency and can be fitted to practically any space. You’ll get much more warmth and bang for your buck with these inserts. 

What can you burn

Some people love the smell of a wood-burning fire. Others can’t stand it. Wherever you fall on that topic, you can have exactly what you prefer since gas inserts are made to burn clean natural gas, wood, or even wood pellets. You can also choose a ventless option, or have a direct vent installed along with the insert. 

Finishes on gas fireplace inserts

These inserts are made with a variety of different interior design sensibilities in mind. Manufacturers make modern and sleek fireplace components in the event your living space fits that aethstetic. Or, if your space is more traditional and classic, there are inserts on the market to fit that type of design as well. 

How to measure for an insert

You can just call the pros to come into your home and measure the space where you’re considering adding an insert. They can also advise you of all the options on the market and what features will work best in your space. However, if you’re wanting to measure the capacity for an insert to get a better idea of the potential project cost, use a measuring tape to determine the width and height of the opening of the area where you plan to place the insert. You’ll also need to know the depth of the space, and both the width and height of the back of the area where you plan to install the insert. 

Four Types of Stone for Fireplace Mantels

Historically, fireplaces were the heart of the home, providing warmth on a cold night and the ability to conveniently cook indoors. Fireplaces have become less important in a functional way, but almost more important when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere for your family. If you’re building new, or considering adding a fireplace to your existing home, consider these types of stone for fireplace mantels Littleton

Marble stone for fireplace mantels

Humans have used marble in their construction project for thousands of years. It’s a durable material that can really take a beating and still look great. If you’re looking for a timeless and traditional material with which to create a stone fireplace mantel, Littleton, consider marble. It also comes in a wide variety of colors to suit any taste and design aesthetic.   

Soapstone for the win

Soapstone is a type of metamorphic rock harvested in many places around the world. The rock handles head really well making it a perfect material with which to create a fireplace mantel and surround. The one drawback to soapstone for your fireplace is the limited color palette that Mother Nature uses to create it. It is best suited for spaces that utilize grays, blacks, whites and dark greens.   

Granite stones for fireplace mantles

Granite has long been the king of the kitchen and bathroom, and serves as an excellent countertop material that’s durable and stands the test of time. It can also be considered as a premium material that can be incorporated in your fireplace mantel and surround. The beautiful thing about granite is that it’s created in nature in such a wide range of colors and patterns that it’s easy to find a slab that fits your design aesthetic to a tee. 

Don’t forget limestone

Limestone is another natural stone product that should be considered if you’re designing a fireplace. It’s the perfect material if you’re hoping to capture a rustic, modern farmhouse look in your space. This kind of material will serve you well for years to come requiring little maintenance and providing plenty of convenience.

How to Choose an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces have grown in popularity. Homeowners love maximizing their living space and extending it to the outdoors. One easy way to do that, especially if you live in an area with brisk weather throughout the year, is by adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard. 

Do you really need an outdoor fireplace?

The short answer is a resounding “Yes.” An outdoor fireplace will create a cozy space where you can spend time with family or curled up reading a book on a brisk fall night. Just because the mercury is falling outside doesn’t mean you’ll have to head indoors after you’ve incorporated an outdoor fireplace in your exterior living space.   

What kind of outdoor fireplace do you want?

There are many types of outdoor fireplaces on the market today. You can choose an electric fireplace unit that’s as easy to turn on as the flip of a switch. These types burn clean but will have an impact on your monthly electric bill depending on use. The most popular option is a  gas fireplace and wood-burning comes in a close second.  

What kind of surround do you need for your outdoor fireplace?

You’re limited only by your imagination and eye for design when it comes to the area surrounding your fireplace insert. You can build a complete wall of river rock, choose to secure a rough-hewn mantle as you would with an indoor fireplace, or apply sleek tile to the entire fireplace surround. Be sure to talk to a knowledgeable dealer about all the possibilities from which you can choose for the look of your space.  

How about accessories?

Just like with an indoor fireplace, you’ll need a few accessories to manage your outdoor unit. Consider adding a weather door so that you can shut the fireplace off from the elements. You’ll also want to pick up a traditional tool rack if it’s a wood-burning pit, and a convenient remote control for switching electric and gas fireplaces on and off. 

How to Choose a Gas Fireplace Insert

More than 7 million homes in the U.S. include a gas fireplace installed either inside or in an outdoor living space. These are versatile products that come in a wide range of styles from sleek and modern, to rustic and cozy. If you’re considering adding one to your home, read this guide for choosing a gas fireplace insert that’s perfect for your space. 

What kind?

One of the first decisions you’ll want to make is what kind of fuel will power your gas fireplace insert Denver. There are models on the market that burn natural gas, and others that burn propane. Each type of gas is economical and easy to come by, and each also has slight advantages compared to the other. It’s best to speak with a knowledgeable dealer about the differences between the two.  

Where do you plan on putting it?

You’ll need to consider where the fireplace insert will go in your home pretty soon in the decision making process. If you’re simply changing out the insert on an existing fireplace set up, you’ll need to carefully measure the opening and let those dimensions guide your size choices. If the insert is going into a brand new space, you’ll have more flexibility.  

Insert venting

Another option you’ll have is if you plan on venting the fireplace through an already existing chimney system, plan to build a chimney system, or prefer to opt for a ventless fireplace. Most inserts are made from cast iron, steel, or some other type of suitable metal material that can withstand high temperatures well.   


Once you’ve chosen the insert that you like, you’ll need to prepare for the installation. It’s best, unless you have tons of experience working with gas, to leave this job up to the pros. Your local gas fireplace dealer will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a professional for installation. 

Choosing a Napoleon Gas Fireplace Highlands Ranch

Fireplaces have served many purposes in history. They’ve served as the means to cook food indoors. They’ve warmed a space and kept it’s inhabitants cozy. They’ve communicated wealth to visitors and even served as the centerpiece of a room. No longer do we depend on them for cooking, but we still depend on them for pulling a room together and keeping us cozy inside. If you’re shopping for a new fireplace, here’s a few reasons to consider a Napoleon gas fireplace Highlands Ranch

Direct vent fireplaces 

Napoleon makes several kinds of fireplaces including those that burn gas, wood, and some that even use electricity. Many of the company’s models are direct vent fireplaces which mean that they utilize superior technology to keep the cozy air in and the harmful waste air out. They’re an ideal choice for practically any room in your home and even in your outdoor living area, especially Napoleon gas fireplace Highlands Ranch.   

Shapes and sizes to choose from

Fireplaces used to come with a one-size-fits-all design. That’s no longer the case and any space in your home can be fitted for a new gas fireplace. Napoleon makes fireplace inserts in many shapes and sizes from long, skinny rectangles, to traditional square shapes and from small to oversized..  

Sophisticated style with Napoleon gas fireplace Highlands Ranch

There is no doubt that your new fireplace will provide plenty of comfort, but it will also add a heavy heaping of style to your space. Many of Napoleon’s inserts range from sleek and sophisticated to traditional. You really can choose any style that fits your personal taste and the aesthetic of your home. 

Stay warmer this winter with Napoleon gas fireplace Highlands Ranch

When the mercury drops below freezing for the first time this year, you’ll be so thankful that you made the choice to incorporate a new fireplace into your space. Whether you’re cozy in the living room, or tucked under a blanket on a back patio as the snow falls, your Napoleon fireplace will deliver maximum warmth for you and your family. The technology included also means you will always experience a great looking fire to boot. 

Distinct Fireplace Styles for Rocky Mountain Living

Way back in American history class you probably learned about founding father Benjamin Franklin. When he wasn’t helping to write the most important documents in this nation’s history, he invented many things that you still use today like bifocals, an early version of swimming fins, the lighting rod, and the urinary catheter. Did you also know that without Franklin’s inventive mind, you probably wouldn’t have the fireplace as you know it. History aside, if you’re considering distinct styles for Rocky Mountain living, here are a few features to consider.

River rock for your fireplace 

Many of the most impressive examples of fireplace are made with large stones called river rock. These stones are tumbled and smooth, and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are applied to the fireplace surround, either in a small confined area, or in its entirety all the way up to the ceiling. River rock fireplaces really make a statement in a room and are distinctly Rocky Mountain living style.  

Huge beams as a mantle piece

The farmhouse trend has delivered many inspired elements to interior decoration like architectural salvage, the use of reclaimed wood in a space, pine furniture, and wrought iron accents. Farmhouse and Rocky Mountain living converge at your fireplace with the use of a large, reclaimed beam as your mantle piece. You can choose to hang the beam rough around the edges with all the existing cuts, imperfections, and wormholes exposed. Or, you can have it sanded and stained for a more finished appearance.  

Incorporate wildlife in your decor

Nothing says Rocky Mountain living like a large game head placed square above your mantle. Maybe it’s a deer, elk, or moose, or maybe it’s even more exotic like a bear. Add an antler chandelier to the space and you’ll definity achieve the lodge feel popular throughout the Colorado lodge community.  

Brick or flagstone fireplace Denver 

Other solid options for your fireplace that will also achieve a lodge look are flagstone and brick. These are exterior components added to the face of your fireplace. You can use them on the immediate surround, or carry the look all the way up to the ceiling just like with river rock. Flagstone usually carries tones of beige and brown, while brick comes in a wider variety of colors and can even be painted.

Outdoor Fireplace Denver

Outdoor Fireplace Denver : Why Have One in the Rockies

Winter in Denver isn’t for the faint of heart or the ill-prepared. It can get blisteringly cold and feet of snow can blanket the ground. Summer evenings are pretty cool too, and there is snow on record in the Mile High City from September to April most years. Weather is just one reason why an outdoor fireplace Denver is a great idea. Here are a few more reasons why it should be your next weekend project. 

Your outdoor fireplace Denver will expand your living space  

Who wants to be cooped up inside all of the time? Pretty much no one and an outdoor fireplace Denver will actually expand your living space a few hundred more square feet, depending on how much space you have available. On really mild nights, you can even open your living room to the outdoors for one, fluid space. Installing an outdoor fireplace will create a great gathering point, entertainment option, and cozy spot that you can enjoy year-round.  

Extend your outdoors season

It’s been known to snow in Denver a lot, usually starting in September and extending at least until April. During those cold, snowy months, most people avoid outdoors unless they’re on skis. But with an outdoor fireplace, there’s no reason to avoid the outdoors when you can cuddle up next to a warm far and extend your outdoors season.  

Your outdoor fireplace Denver will increase your home’s value

An outdoor fireplace is also a smart home renovation project. If the space is functional and really well done, experts estimate that you could realize a 60 percent return on investment when it comes to the value of your home. This isn’t a terribly difficult project either and with a few critical elements, you’ll be on your way to fire time in no time.  

Create ambiance 

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit also creates ambiance in your outdoor space. It’s a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Whether you prefer to curl up with a good book, a tall glass of wine, or great friends, you will enjoy the benefits of this outdoor space more than you expect.

Fireplace Mantel Designs that you Should Check Out Today

The fireplace mantle was first adopted for use in medieval times. Use back then was far more functional than it was decorated as the mantle served as a hood to contain the fire and smoke. Fireplace mantle designs have changed tremendously over the centuries and these household items now serve more as a decorative focal point in a room. Here are four popular designs that you should check out today if you’re looking for a bit of mantle inspiration

Fireplace mantle design – is less more? 

A trend caught on in the interior design world that claimed less is more when it comes to the design of your fireplace mantle. Many designers opted to exclude a mantle at all and swapped the traditional look for interesting tile or stone statement wall components to cover the entire fireplace wall. This trend only fits a small segment of design tastes, though, and you should proceed with caution and enlist the help of an expert if you’re considering nixing a mantlepiece above your fireplace.  

The rough beam

The rise in popularity of reclaimed wood as a desirable building material also ushered in the popularity of reclaimed beams as mantle pieces. These beams are often left with all character intact including ruts, cuts, and notches. They fit almost perfectly with a farmhouse design aesthetic, though the look of this fireplace mantle design does offer flexibility in the space around it. 

Fireplace mantle design and fun with color

If you don’t always love traditional design sensibilities, consider adding a splash of color to your mantle design. You can opt for any kind of surround or mantle you like, but add a bold or vibrant paint to wooden pieces, or incorporate a bold tile choice in the space directly around the fireplace. A little color goes a long way and will make a big statement as the focal point in the room. 

Repurposed mantles

If you’re an antique lover, then this fireplace mantle design style is the perfect one for you. Hit the antique shops and flea market in your area searching for a fireplace surround or mantlepiece that you just love. Do this well in advance so that dimensions of the fireplace in your construction plans can be planned for the dimensions of the piece that your purchase. A beautiful antique mantle, with a little love and TLC, can stand the test of time and add a gorgeous design appeal to your room.


Outdoor Fireplace Safety

On brisk fall nights, there’s almost nothing better than cozying up to a beautiful outdoor fireplace for warmth and relaxation. If you’re considering, or have recently had an outdoor fireplace installed in Denver, you’ll be able to enjoy this unique feature on your property for years to come. You will also be able to relax worry-free as long as you keep in mind just a few tips from the pros. 

What not to burn in your outdoor fireplace

When taking advantage of your outdoor fireplace installed in Denver, it’s important to remember what not to burn. You’ll definitely want to stay away from any treated lumber, any plastic material, particleboard furniture, old magazines, wood that has been painted, poisonous plants, wood that hasn’t been seasoned, and household garbage. One of the main reasons many of these items fall on the do not burn list is because of the chemicals they contain that become toxic when burning- which is harmful to both humans and the environment.  

Keep your outdoor fireplace clean

Just like an indoor fireplace, an outdoor fireplace with a chimney must also be cleaned regularly by an experienced chimney sweep to maintain proper function. You should also regularly remove all the leftover debris and ash from previous fires, and at least once per year, use warm soapy water to clean the interior of the fireplace to remove built-up soot. Keeping your fireplace clean will mean it will continue to burn warm, bright, and with minimal smoke well into the future.  

Keep other flammable items away 

When operating your outdoor fireplace, it’s important to keep flammable items far away from it. The worst thing that could happen would be to have flames and fire move from inside the fireplace where they’re contained, to the exterior of your home where they could cause catastrophic damage in no time flat. Also be sure to keep any trees, greenery, and shrubs growing near the fire pit or fireplace, well-trimmed at least several feet away from the fire.  

Keep water close by

Anytime you’re dealing with fire, an ounce of prevention is the smart way to go. Be sure you always have water or a quick water source on-hand anytime you’re enjoying a fire. In the event the fire takes a menacing turn, you can be quick to react and prevent any major accidents from occurring.