Distinct Fireplace Styles for Rocky Mountain Living

Way back in American history class you probably learned about founding father Benjamin Franklin. When he wasn’t helping to write the most important documents in this nation’s history, he invented many things that you still use today like bifocals, an early version of swimming fins, the lighting rod, and the urinary catheter. Did you also know that without Franklin’s inventive mind, you probably wouldn’t have the fireplace as you know it. History aside, if you’re considering distinct styles for Rocky Mountain living, here are a few features to consider.

River rock for your fireplace 

Many of the most impressive examples of fireplace are made with large stones called river rock. These stones are tumbled and smooth, and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are applied to the fireplace surround, either in a small confined area, or in its entirety all the way up to the ceiling. River rock fireplaces really make a statement in a room and are distinctly Rocky Mountain living style.  

Huge beams as a mantle piece

The farmhouse trend has delivered many inspired elements to interior decoration like architectural salvage, the use of reclaimed wood in a space, pine furniture, and wrought iron accents. Farmhouse and Rocky Mountain living converge at your fireplace with the use of a large, reclaimed beam as your mantle piece. You can choose to hang the beam rough around the edges with all the existing cuts, imperfections, and wormholes exposed. Or, you can have it sanded and stained for a more finished appearance.  

Incorporate wildlife in your decor

Nothing says Rocky Mountain living like a large game head placed square above your mantle. Maybe it’s a deer, elk, or moose, or maybe it’s even more exotic like a bear. Add an antler chandelier to the space and you’ll definity achieve the lodge feel popular throughout the Colorado lodge community.  

Brick or flagstone fireplace Denver 

Other solid options for your fireplace that will also achieve a lodge look are flagstone and brick. These are exterior components added to the face of your fireplace. You can use them on the immediate surround, or carry the look all the way up to the ceiling just like with river rock. Flagstone usually carries tones of beige and brown, while brick comes in a wider variety of colors and can even be painted.