Fireplace Mantel Designs that you Should Check Out Today

The fireplace mantle was first adopted for use in medieval times. Use back then was far more functional than it was decorated as the mantle served as a hood to contain the fire and smoke. Fireplace mantle designs have changed tremendously over the centuries and these household items now serve more as a decorative focal point in a room. Here are four popular designs that you should check out today if you’re looking for a bit of mantle inspiration

Fireplace mantle design – is less more? 

A trend caught on in the interior design world that claimed less is more when it comes to the design of your fireplace mantle. Many designers opted to exclude a mantle at all and swapped the traditional look for interesting tile or stone statement wall components to cover the entire fireplace wall. This trend only fits a small segment of design tastes, though, and you should proceed with caution and enlist the help of an expert if you’re considering nixing a mantlepiece above your fireplace.  

The rough beam

The rise in popularity of reclaimed wood as a desirable building material also ushered in the popularity of reclaimed beams as mantle pieces. These beams are often left with all character intact including ruts, cuts, and notches. They fit almost perfectly with a farmhouse design aesthetic, though the look of this fireplace mantle design does offer flexibility in the space around it. 

Fireplace mantle design and fun with color

If you don’t always love traditional design sensibilities, consider adding a splash of color to your mantle design. You can opt for any kind of surround or mantle you like, but add a bold or vibrant paint to wooden pieces, or incorporate a bold tile choice in the space directly around the fireplace. A little color goes a long way and will make a big statement as the focal point in the room. 

Repurposed mantles

If you’re an antique lover, then this fireplace mantle design style is the perfect one for you. Hit the antique shops and flea market in your area searching for a fireplace surround or mantlepiece that you just love. Do this well in advance so that dimensions of the fireplace in your construction plans can be planned for the dimensions of the piece that your purchase. A beautiful antique mantle, with a little love and TLC, can stand the test of time and add a gorgeous design appeal to your room.