Four Types of Stone for Fireplace Mantels

Historically, fireplaces were the heart of the home, providing warmth on a cold night and the ability to conveniently cook indoors. Fireplaces have become less important in a functional way, but almost more important when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere for your family. If you’re building new, or considering adding a fireplace to your existing home, consider these types of stone for fireplace mantels Littleton

Marble stone for fireplace mantels

Humans have used marble in their construction project for thousands of years. It’s a durable material that can really take a beating and still look great. If you’re looking for a timeless and traditional material with which to create a stone fireplace mantel, Littleton, consider marble. It also comes in a wide variety of colors to suit any taste and design aesthetic.   

Soapstone for the win

Soapstone is a type of metamorphic rock harvested in many places around the world. The rock handles head really well making it a perfect material with which to create a fireplace mantel and surround. The one drawback to soapstone for your fireplace is the limited color palette that Mother Nature uses to create it. It is best suited for spaces that utilize grays, blacks, whites and dark greens.   

Granite stones for fireplace mantles

Granite has long been the king of the kitchen and bathroom, and serves as an excellent countertop material that’s durable and stands the test of time. It can also be considered as a premium material that can be incorporated in your fireplace mantel and surround. The beautiful thing about granite is that it’s created in nature in such a wide range of colors and patterns that it’s easy to find a slab that fits your design aesthetic to a tee. 

Don’t forget limestone

Limestone is another natural stone product that should be considered if you’re designing a fireplace. It’s the perfect material if you’re hoping to capture a rustic, modern farmhouse look in your space. This kind of material will serve you well for years to come requiring little maintenance and providing plenty of convenience.