Not only does your fireplace mantle offer protection to your home from the fire within, but it also can look fabulous adding to the aesthetic appeal of any room. There are so many choices when it comes to fireplace mantles and you’ll need to sift through many styles before finding the perfect one for your room. While you’re sifting, consider these four different styles of fireplace mantle designs.

The modern fireplace mantle design

Marked by sleek lines and cool colors, the modern fireplace mantle design is definitely one to consider for your space. Of course, how well a modern mantle fits into your space depends on the aesthetics of the room. If the rest of space already has a modern feel or if the design aesthetic is relatively neutral, it should ascent the space seamlessly. If your design tastes are more conventional and traditional, you might consider adding the mantle design into the room with computer software before making your final choice.

Rustic and folk mantle designs

If you love the look of raw wood and other natural elements, a rustic fireplace mantle might be the perfect choice for you. The current trend for this type of mantle design is to utilize a reclaimed beam from any number of sources. It can stand alone on the mantle, or hand-forged looking iron decorative elements in black can be added for more visual interest.

Industrial fireplace mantle design

Industrial fireplace mantles are cousin to both the modern aesthetic and the rustic one. These mantles often utilize repurposed hardware to add visual accents to the mantle. You might also find designs that incorporate more metal or sleek, dark stone to create the look.

Traditional and colonial fireplace mantles

You can’t go wrong with a more traditional fireplace mantle, or even a colonial-style fireplace mantle. These style tend to be more decorative than the other options discussed in this article. They often use various moldings, beadboard, wainscoting, and designs made with wood to create visual appeal. These types of design also fit easily into almost any existing space making them an easy choice for homeowners shopping for a new mantle.