Chicago Fireplace Mantel

The Perfect Fireplace Mantel for Chicago

On our travel to Chicago to pick out the perfect mantel design, I find that the name Chicago is derived from one of my favorite toppings on my Chicago Pizza or even Polish Sausage – Onion (wild onion).  Chicago is the third largest metro economy, was one of the fastest grown cities ever, built the Worlds first Skyscraper, and next to one of the largest fresh water lakes in the World.  Chicago has a pretty tough reputation with the likes of Al Cappone, The Bears, and it’s nickname as the Windy City.

The Perfect Chicago Fireplace Mantel has to be:

  • Well built and constructed for the windy climate and high rise reputation
  • Tough to match a strong blue collar class
  • Built with bit of opulence for the leading City in the Mid-West

Our Mantel of choice for Chicago is… Louis XV

Mantel choice for Chicago