The Best Way to Transform Your Old Home

With nearly half of all homes in Cherry Creek built before 1939-and the average year of construction being 1958 – it can be easy to get stuck in a design rut. Dated homes often need extra love and care in the form of maintenance that you can’t see. From plumbing to foundation, to electrical issues; older homes can eat up your budget when it comes to interior design and renovation. It is no wonder that style and form are often left behind in favor of more costly, invisible projects. How can you update an old house and really make a difference? What projects are the least expensive that offer the most change?  Don’t be discouraged, however. There are avenues of obtaining the beautiful, modern home you’ve dreamed of. Living in an older home doesn’t mean giving in to dated decor. It simply means spending your dollar smarter and getting creative. In terms of living space, there is one major feature that can make your house feel outdated or modernized; the fireplace. If you are a resident of an older home, you may want to look into installing a modern fireplace mantel in Cherry Creek.


It only takes an update in a few key areas to modernize your home, and the first place to start is the fireplace. The fireplace is the focal point of your home and the primary gathering area for family get-togethers and friendly parties. Traditionally, fireplaces were central hearths where people would gather to stay warm, heat water for domestic purposes, and cook food. Modern fireplaces don’t have to serve the same purpose, but they still remain an important gathering place for family and friends. That is why, if you want to quickly update the entire look of your living space, try installing modern fireplace mantels in Cherry Creek.

Installing a modern fireplace mantel is one of the only projects you can take on in your home that provides room-changing results. It doesn’t take much when you hire experts; your mantel can be installed quickly and securely by a skilled team at prices within your budget. No need to rope off areas of the house or spend a fortune on room renovations. With a modern mantelpiece, you can make huge changes with little effort.


One aspect of a fireplace that can transform a room is height. A grand room with a mantel that reaches up to the ceiling is a statement piece that isn’t easily forgotten. You can use height to go big or small! Change things up with inlaid fireplaces that have minimalist principles at heart. Another element to keep in mind is material. A sleek, glossy marble has a far different impact than a rustic exposed brick fireplace. Some modern mantelpieces utilize wood to inspire an industrial feel, while others bring to mind log cabins and long winters. No matter what you choose, changing your fireplace mantel will have a huge impact on how your living space is perceived. 

In addition to effectively changing the style and design of your living space, modern fireplace mantels provide more value than other projects. Purchasing new appliances or replacing flooring are short-lived changes. When you install a modern mantel, you are creating a long-lasting change that will keep your space looking fresh for years to come.