Custom Fireplaces

Stellar Hearth Products Custom Fireplaces are there for those unique hearth projects that the standard fireplace just can’t meet the needs of. We are able to design custom fireplaces sizes from 4′ – 22′ wide, up to 18″ – 72″ tall, in single, two, three or four-sided units for indoor, outdoor or indoor/outdoor installations. Whether for residential or commercial installation, we can design with traditional or contemporary interiors.

The Stellar Hearth Custom Fireplaces stands-out from other custom fireplace manufactures in that our design engineers create fireplaces using the most innovative materials and techniques available today and love the challenge of seeing how far they can stretch the limits to get unique looks. Stellar Hearth Products won 3 “Vesta” awards during the annual competition at the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association in March 2015. The new Custom Gas Fireplace Program won in the category of  “Best Gas Hearth”, and added two more with the Epiphany gas fireplace (glass tube burner) winning the “Art of Fire” and “Best In Show”.