Chicago Fireplace Mantel

The Perfect Fireplace Mantel for Chicago

On our travel to Chicago to pick out the perfect mantel design, I find that the name Chicago is derived from one of my favorite toppings on my Chicago Pizza or even Polish Sausage – Onion (wild onion).  Chicago is the third largest metro economy, was one of the fastest grown cities ever, built the Worlds first Skyscraper, and next to one of the largest fresh water lakes in the World.  Chicago has a …

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A Mantel for Maine

As we continue our tour around North America associating Mantel Designs with different natural and architectural elements of a place, today we land in Maine.  My Google image tour of Maine helps me define Maine with a rugged coast line, prehistoric rock formations, cottage architectural style with a touch of colonial flavor.  Difficult to nail down for someone who has not been to Maine to say the least.  Being that the area is a coastal town and a northern latitude, …

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Increase My Home Value

Increase your Home Value with a new Fireplace Mantel

Whether you want to sell your home or live in it for years to come, adding a small element of architectural elegance can totally transform your home.  Separate your home from the others in the neighborhood by changing that dated fireplace wall and adding a stone mantel.  For less than $2500 you can bring positive attention to your home when home buyers are shopping.   It is easy and not expensive.    …

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A Mantel for San Francisco

Fireplace Mantels by Location

At Distinctive Mantels, we strive to develop Mantel Designs that reflect attitudes, natural surroundings, and historical design.  In this light we are beginning a series on Mantel Designs relating our custom designs to popular cities known for their culture and unique design perspective.  We are starting with San Francisco, CA and will provide some background and then our best suited Mantel recommendations.  We would be please for you to vote on which Mantel reflects the culture …

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Custom Iron Doors for Our Custom Mantels, Traditional Tudor Stone Mantle

This iron door was designed by one of Distinctive Mantel’s Industrial Designers to fit the custom shape of the large Tudor Stone Fireplace Mantel, also designed in-house.
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Posted by Distinctive Mantel Designs, Inc. at 8:51 PM

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Check us out in the most recent issue of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles magazine

In the news…

Check us out in the most recent issue of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles magazine.  We have a great minimal stone mantel photo.  To see more Modern Designed Mantels please go to our website at Distinctive Mantels Website.

Frasier Transistional Mantel Design

We have just started a new listing of our Stone Mantel Services at  Please stop by frequently and look for specials or to review our service.

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